Parch Linux core applications

What is Parch Linux?

Parch Linux is an Arch-based Linux distribution that aims to provide an elegant, modern computing experience with excellent hardware support and performance. While Parch Linux leverages many of the same core components as Arch, we, the Parch Linux team had also developed our own suite of tailored applications. Here are some of the essential core apps created specifically for Parch Linux:


Parch Linux Backup

Imagine you want to move from another Arch-based Linux Distribution to Parch Linux, Parch Linux Backup applications makes it easy for you to backup all of your apps, settings, keys and dotfiles with one click!

Parch Linux Backup is under Development, but you can see some of our view for this application here:


  • Backup installed applications using Pacman
  • Backup user’s home directory
  • Optional backup of Flatpak packages
  • Backup GPG and SSH keys
  • Restore from backups

you can read the full roadmap from the Github page.


Parch Linux Quickstart

Parch Linux Quickstart is a program that shows up after a freshly installed Parch Linux to user.
This program goal is to show some suit of software to new coming users for install.


  • being easy to use
  • have some essential applications to install
  • have a cli interface alongside the gui.

This program later would be merged in The ParchLinux Store. you can read the full roadmap from The Github page.


Here are some mockups of Parch Linux QuickStart:



Parch Linux Store

Parch Linux store or pastor is the Parch Linux WIP Graphical user interface for pacman, written in Rust, iced and libalpm-rs for better support of Arch/Parch Linux package management.

The goal for ParchLinux Store is to provide a place for developers like ElementaryOS whom don’t want to put their software into linux ecosystem for free. this behavior could be disabled by user in settings.

some other features that we have planed to implement inside Pastor:

  • AUR support, with full PKGBUILD checkup.
  • Flatpak integration
  • Filter by technology (GTK, QT and others)
  • being easy to use
  • commercial/enterprise software support
  • Donate section for Developers
  • Appimage support (ability to install/manage appimages directly)
  • waydroid integration ( to install foss android applications directly from pastor without installing third-party stores on waydroid )
  • ability to downgrade softwares directly from pastor.
  • support for alien and debtap
  • sideload ability.

Alien and Debtap support helps users to sideload RPM and DEB packages in Pastor.

 Parch Linux image writer

This application helps users to make a bootable ParchLinux usb sticks with one click!

it has direct download and sideload ability inside of it.


Does it finished here?


For now this are some of applications which are under development and would be released in the near future. we have plans to make other applications in the future for better experience in Parch Linux which are a surprises 😀




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