Parch Linux July Release

What's new?

This release contains some new changes to Parch Linux and Parch Linux family, this changes are all about being more easier to use and being more user friendly.


Plasma Version

Parch Linux plasma now ships with plasma 6.1.1 with a new package management module called Parch Meta Packages, this would provide a easier depedency management on Parch Linux Varients.


Also the SDDM is now has the Breeze theme by default.

Gnome Version

Now the Gnome version of Parch Linux can be used as an OEM Linux distrobution, because we had moved the user creation from calamares to after installation.

this would help companies to bulk install Parch Linux on their systems and share them with the consumer.

Also, Gnome software now compiled with packagekit support on Parch, helping users to install packages from Gnome Software.


A Video of Gnome version with latest changes

More Changes

core installer of Parch Linux (calamares) is now updated to version 3.3.7 which fixed some issues for non-latin languages like persion or arabic.

also we are working on a net installer version, which users can chose and install the software on their Parch Machine.


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