Parch Linux Release 2024-02-16

February 16, 2024 Reading time: 283 minutes

What has changed in This release?

Big Changes:

Parch Linux now supports bluetooth out of the box!

all editions have moved to pipewire for better UX.

Gnome only changes:

Gnome edition now has unified theme between gtk and qt thanks to adwaita-qt theme made by fedora group!

also we had added adw-gtk3 theme for legacy applications to look better.

extension manager is now pre-installed and lets you to get and install extensions with one click.

You can Get this Release from Parch Linux website.

About Parch Linux

January 27, 2024 Reading time: ~1 minute

About Parch Linux

Parch Linux is an open-source, Arch-based Linux distribution, that tried to be pretty, easy to use, light, fast and stable.

Why do we call this Parch?

At the beginning of our work, we planned to make Parch a platform for Persian-speaking users, that's why we named it Parch ( Persian Arch ). But now we have more comprehensive goals than before.

New Industry

Parch linux uses calamares graphical installer by default which makes it easier for you to install and use it.

Unlike any other proprietary operating systems, Parch Linux respects your privacy and doesn't collect any information or data from you.

Parch Linux requires at least 1.5 GB of RAM with xfce desktop and at least 1 GB with lxqt desktop Give your old system a second chance with Parch Linux.

Parch Linux in Telegram has an active community that will quickly solve your problems. If you have a bug or problem, you can report it in the community.